Why Businesses Need Google Workspace

Google Workspace Is An Important Business Tool

2021-06-30Updated: 2022-09-08 Sagentic Web Design

It's no secret that Google has become more than the best search engine tool or email provider. Google is now ubiquitous in the business world as the preferred online method of communication, collaboration, and document storage. The tech giant has created a system of apps that allows for seamless transmission of ideas, messages, and documents. And these apps are free, accessible, and incredibly easy to use.

So, if Google’s apps are free, why would any business upgrade to Google Workspace, a system that costs money?

The answer is in the control and features that Google Workspace provides. The improved control, communication, storage, security, and business data analysis that is included in the Workspace package make the additional cost palatable for the success of any business’s online activities.

Using Google Apps outside of Google Workspace limits any business’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. The following items are just a few reasons to invest in Google Workspace for your business:

Email Domain Control
The professional standard for business email requires the business’s name to be included in the domain name. It’s not enough to create a free email account for a business that ends in “gmail.com.” With Google Workspace, you get the functionality, reliability, and familiarity of Gmail, but with your organization’s name as the domain name.  Google Workspace emails allow for the professional touch of sending and receiving emails using a customized email address.

Unlimited File Storage
With Google Workspace, users have individual Drive accounts that allow for unlimited document and file storage. Additionally, teams have access to Team Drives, which allow for resource sharing and collaboration. The Team Drive function provides seamless sharing without the worry of granting access and permission to other users. Also, Workspace administrators can revoke drive and document permissions instantly when employees leave by simply deleting Workspace accounts.

Both Individual and Team Drives come with unlimited cloud storage in Google Workspace

Real-Time Collaboration
Google Workspace provides a range of applications that make collaboration seamless and uncomplicated. Document sharing and editing provides Doc, Sheet, and Slide users with real-time shared access, which eliminates the need to edit documents one user at a time. Changes happen instantly in sharing situations as users collaborate, edit, and share their ideas within the document space.

Also included in Google Workspace is Google Calendar (both individual and team versions) and Google Meet. These apps are designed for instant collaboration and time management. Calendar allows for the arrangement and sharing of meetings, events, and appointments across the Workspace account. Users can access the Calendar from any device and can create and share events across Workspace Calendars. Meetings can be managed effortlessly and efficiently using this app.

Google Meet creates a video call, without time limits, where users can meet virtually for even more collaborative opportunities. In Google Workspace, collaboration is the norm, and ideas are shared instantly and effortlessly.

Admin Management
Administrators can manage data, users, and apps from a single portal page. From this page, admins can add and remove users, analyze data, control permissions, customize user experiences, and configure security settings. The dashboard is highly intuitive and efficient, so managing online business is never complicated or arduous.

The Google Workspace Admin Console is built with enhanced email scanning that checks for security threats and provides security analytics and best practice recommendations to help protect your business.

Managing a business almost always requires an online presence--the web is where business happens today and in the future. Some business owners may believe that an online presence can be managed by assembling free Google apps together with a free Gmail account. But, this lack of online management misses the efficiencies and security that an investment in Google Workspace offers. The small cost of a Workspace plan will pay dividends with every online communication.