How To Share Google Domain Management

Easy Way For Sagentic Web Design to Help You Manage Your DNS Entries

2020-05-19Updated: 2022-09-08 Sagentic Web Design

Google DomainsTo share management of your domain registered with Google Domains:

  1. Sign in to Google Domains at with the Google Account that manages your domain.
  2. Select the name of your domain.
  3. From the left menu, select Registration settings.
  4. Under "Domain permissions," click Add user.
  5. Enter the email account you want to share domain management with (we will tell you which email to use when sharing with Sagentic Web Design)
  6. Confirm you have added the user successfully
  7. Sagentic will receive an email notification from Google letting us know you have shared Domain Management permissions with us.

From there, Sagentic Web Design will be able to edit and maintain your DNS entries that point your domain to all of different servers managing your website, email, and more.

Why Does Sagentic Web Design Recommend Google Domains?

Unique online identity adds credibility and memorability to your online presence. Therefore, having a recognizable online portfolio adds more value to your online services that you offer to your customers. Google Domains is one of those tools whose significance cannot be denied or overlooked in this regard.

What is Google Domains?

Google Domains is a simple domain registration tool launched by Google back in 2015. This tool allows you to register your brand-new domain name which later you can utilize for various purposes like launching a website, creating custom email addresses, integrating with third-party services, etc.

What Makes Google Domains Better Than Its Market Competitors?

In terms of functionality, it is quite similar to its other market competitors. However, certain aspects and traits make Google Domains a better candidate among other domain registration tools currently available in the market. We look in detail at some of the key features that make Google Domains a unique and better domain registration tool compared to its market competitors.

  • WHOIS Privacy
    Google Domains provides its users with WHOIS privacy with no additional charges. This means that your personal information will remain protected and secured against different WHOIS lookup tools. Other domain registration tools such as GoDaddy also offer similar privacy services to their users but they charge an extra fee for the provision of such services. On average other domain registrars usually charge between $0 to $12 annually for these services. However, Google Domains delivers the same domain privacy services to their users free of cost.

  • No Hidden Checkout Charges
    Google Domains is among the good guys of the domain registration industry that do not upset its users from any unnecessary hidden charges during the checkout. Many domain registrars compel their users to buy additional services along with domain that ultimately results in paying extra charges during checkout. While using Google Domains services you don't have to worry about such hidden charges and unpleasant surprises. Google Domains only charge for the services that you are willing to buy. There is nothing against the consent of a user.

  • Google Workspace Services
    Google Domains also allows its users to use Google Workspace services. Once your domain is integrated with Google Workspace, you can get access to a wide range of professional Gmail services. Besides this, Google Workspace also allows you to set your own custom email addresses for business purposes under a single custom domain. Google Domains charge separately for these services and you have to pay $6 per user per month if you want to get access to basic G Suite services.

  • Ability to Create Multiple Subdomains
    Google Domains allows you to create up to 100 subdomains under a single main domain. This feature increases the versatility of your online business and you can set as many subdomains as you think are sufficient for carrying out your internet-related work activities more appropriately and efficiently.

  • Use of Google's DNS Server
    Google's DNS server is one of the most efficient DNS servers currently available. It's also incredibly easy to use! Google Domains allows user's domain to use the same DNS server as their central Google search engine. Again, Google Domains offers these services to their users free of cost whereas other domain registrars usually charge an extra fee for such services.

  • Excellent Customer Support
    Google Domains outshines many of its market competitors when it comes to customer support services. Google Domains offers extensive support to its customers in several different ways. Firstly, there are several helpful articles available that answer most of the FAQs related to Google Domains services. Secondly, a 24/7 customer support agent is available whom you can contact anytime via live chat or email.

  • Easy Management Sharing
    You don't have to turn over your full registration to your web developer or IT guy. With Google Domains, you can share the management responsibilities with us and remove those permissions at any time. No more transfer headaches!

Google Domains vs GoDaddy

When it comes to domain registration services, one can't neglect these two giants that offer almost similar services to their users. To find out which of these domain registrars have an upper hand over the other, here we make a brief comparison between Google Domains and GoDaddy based on some of the key features that they offer to their customers.

In terms of pricing, GoDaddy offers cheap initial domain prices to its customers but only for one year. After one year, prices increase dramatically and customers have to pay an additional fee at each renewal. Whereas, Google Domains offers its services at a constant reasonable cost and prices remain the same at each renewal.

Similarly, in terms of privacy protection, both offer similar privacy protection services. But the difference between them is that Google Domains offers these services free of cost while GoDaddy charges an annual fee for the provision of such services.

In view of the above discussion, you come to know the significance of using Google Domains services for domain registration. If you are interested in registering your domain, Sagentic Web Design can help you in this regard. We offer our services to the customers to help them registering their domain via using Google Domains services as they are more economical, secure, reliable, and user-friendly.